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The Alum is a 100% natural dried crystal mineral of (potassium) alum. It is the original antiseptic aftershave which contains mineral salts that were originally used by the Egyptians more than 4,000 thousand years ago for its healing and antiseptic molecules inside the block.
Where else can the alum be used: 'Spots and Pimples': Apply directly to the affected area last thing at night to control and cure a spotty complexion. An Alum can be used as an astringent for oily complexions. 'Antiperspirant / Deodorant / Excess Sweating': An Alum is ideal for those who wish to use a natural antiperspirant. Simply apply the Alum to the underarms for a totally reliable, natural, antiperspirant. Highly effective in controlling excess sweating.

- Stops bleeding from razor nicks and cuts
- Calms razor burn & soothes irritations during shaving
- Seals skin surface to prevent infection
- Works fast
- Ideal for razor nicks and minor cuts
- 100% natural crystal alum
- Unscented and Suitable for all types of skin
- Moisten tip of pencil with water. Dab on affected areas
- Mildly Antiseptic to help calm razor burn and irritation
- Astringent properties that can instantly stop any minor bleed, nick or cut
- The Alum causes the blood vessels to constrict and halt the blood loss
- Unscented and suitable for most skin types
- Possibly the oldest aftershave product
- Made from naturally occurring crystal mineral potassium
- Can be used on oily skin to help dry spots and pimples
- Made in TURKEY

How to use
- Moisten the tip with clean water and press against the cut on the skin
- There may be a slight stinging sensation
- Most cuts will stop bleeding within a few seconds and heal in minutes
- Rinse the stick and the area applied to, with fresh cold water
- Ensure stick is dry before storing (WILL DISSOLVE IF LEFT WET)

Classic Samurai Roll on Alum Block 2.5 oz Alum Stone Bloodstopper Deodorant 100%